Introductory notes on Migration, Development and the 2030 Agenda

Maria Mariana Moura/ June 4, 2021/

Migrants make a very positive contribution to the development of countries of origin and destination, but to enhance this beneficial impact, integrated and coherent policies are needed. It is in this sense that migration is present and intertwined with various aspects of the Global Development Agenda. This is the first article in a series that will connect migration, development, and the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Is Migration the Way Forward in Portugal?

Catarina de Pedro/ February 24, 2021/

According to Eurostat data, Portugal has the 5th lowest birth rate in the European Union. The national population, however, has increased which, as deaths exceed births, has been sustained by resorting to immigration levels.
This article’s main focus will be the analysis of the impacts of migration on the future of the Portuguese economy, with special focus on the concept of replacement migration”.

Migrations as development agents for the countries of destination

Maria Mariana Moura/ February 1, 2021/

The link between the migratory phenomenon and its influence on the cultural, economic and social development of the destination countries is poorly debated today, although its importance is increasingly noticeable. Mobility is an inherent characteristic to all of us and the contribution of migrants in destination countries is undeniable.

Acesso à educação das crianças refugiadas em Portugal: uma era de avanços e desafios

Maria Mariana Moura/ September 10, 2020/

Maria Mariana Soares de Moura [1] Durante este mês de agosto, as notícias dos jornais exclamavam e comemoravam o fato de que o grupo de menores desacompanhados não irão precisar de certificado de habilitações e terão garantidos apoios sociais[2].Todos comemoramos com fervor. Mas, por quê, se supostamente o Direito ao ensino e à igualdade de oportunidades na formação escolar é

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